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Tips for Successful job hunting online
Online job search resources, including job search sites, job search engines, networking sites, online job search tools, and tips to ensure that you are using all the Internet job search resources available to help find a job online.

Use a job search engine to expedite your search for a job online, by searching all the top job sites, company sites, and niche job sites for job listings.

Did you Know..?
For each advertised position, typically recruiters receive up to 300/400 + applications!!! It is for that reason, that the people in charge of selection cannot spend more than 10 seconds scanning your resume which will ultimately determine if they will read it or not, and about 30 seconds reading it to take a decision on inviting you to an interview – or not.

Keep your CV to 2 Pages maximum they do not want your life story.

If you do not have the key words that they are looking for that jump out at them and say “invite me to interview” your CV will not even be read. And, more importantly, when it comes to online recruiting if the recruiter cannot search for your resume on basic keys words then your resume will not even be seen at all.

Your keys words should be linked to achievements and your job titles as well as years of experience. Your resident location and often times nationality and age.